Xender File Transfer : Android to iOS

xen ios

Want to share your party videos and pictures with your friend, but your friend holds an iPhone whereas yours is an Android phone? Issues with file transfers between multiple OS platforms are just matter of past. In the 21st century, who really bother about such file transfer issues, while you can share everything with Xender […]

Best Twitter Apps For Android : Free Tweets

best twitter apps for android

With the on growing popularity of the social site, Twitter has been improving their Android app interface and functionality. Over the time, the twitter origin android app has become more user-friendly. Nevertheless, people always want to try something different yet better as their taste. Therefore, in spite of getting twitter official mobile app, there are […]

Clash Royale For Android : Smartphone/Tablet

clash royale for android

There is another clash in the Smartphone games in recent time. You must be aware about Supercell’s Clash Royale hitting the Android platform with a pretty big business. It was certain that the game is going achieve a positive approach from users as the developer team had already built a positive image in the market. […]

Riven Counter – The Exile Counter

riven the exile

Riven Counter: League of Legend is a free windows PC game, which is played all over the world. The game is of fantasy and Strategic genre which you can use huge weapons, magic spell and character like a beast, devils are too present in the game. When you play the game you will be first […]